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10/14 - Hey, folks, still here.
        I'll keep this really really short, because it's really really late.
        My situation is as follows: I haven't completely abandoned Persona, but I barely maintain any interest at all in it anymore. I've put up a clip of chapter 13, since it's been a year and a half since a real update and I owe you something. One of these days I'll force myself to churn out a few more chapters... either that, or I'll just write out a few pages describing all the awesome shit me and Auggie have cooked up over the past five years that honestly I doubt I'll ever get around to writing. ^_^;; Ah, we'll see.
        Til then, peeps.

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The Story:

  1 · This Chapter Should Be Ignored


  1 · You Chose... Poorly

  2 · Laurel and Hardy

  3 · Rest Area One Mile

  4 · Formaldehyde

  5 · Happy Belated

  6 · A Few Possessed Pieces of Rock Say A Lot Of Boring Shit

  7 · PersonaCon 2001

  8 · In Which Cliques Are Rampant

  9 · The Briefing

10 · Lose the Suspenders

11 · Sayounara

12 · I'm Really Awfully Glad I'm A Beta

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Oh, poor new site! Hardly any hits at all!

Yeah, yeah, I know you're just dying to sue me, all of you 4Kids executives, but no deal.
Lizzie owns Pokémon in apositively no way whatsoever... hell, what's more, she don't want no part in tha damn thing. You all ever noticed how fucking screwed up that show has become? It rocked at the beginning, but then Ash got fucking INVINCIBLE, and Team Rocket lost ALL of the dignity they started the show with. Remember back to their first appearance? I mean, sheeit; they were these big scary respectable evil people. Then whoever the fuck writes the damn script figured out that little kid shows need comic relief. And so fuckin' what, Team Rocket was still the shit even as bumbling idjits. But there's only so much dumbing down that a couple of characters can take, even as kickass as Jessie and James were. So now they suck ass. As does the rest of the fucking show.

Here, I’ma write an episode right here, right now, and just you watch, 4Kids is gonna catch wind of it, steal it, and you’ll be watching it on KidsWB by December. I gay-ran-tee it.

Ash: Dum de dum dum dum… look! A Pokémon! I’m gonna catch it!
Brock: Hey, I recognize that Pokémon! It’s a Doodily-Doo! They are blah blah fuckin’ blah blah, bloo bloo de bloo, and SOOOOO RARE! And they only allow themselves to be caught by SOOOOOOPER GREAT Pokémon trainers!
Misty: Neh neh neh, I guess you’ll never catch one then, Ash! Biiiiiiiitch bitch bitch!
Ash:WHIIIIIIIINE WHINE WHINE, Misty, just you wait and see! Oh no, the Pokémon got away!
-- enter a cute little girl –
Little Girl: Oh pleez don’t catch Doodily-Doo! He’s been my only friend ever since my mom died when I was three, and I’d probably explode into a bajillion tears if I lost him! And I’ve named him Smacky, cuz I’m cute an’ all.
Ash: OH NO! Inner turmoil! I think I’ll pretend to struggle with the decision I have to make here, even though it’s obvious that I’ll end up sacrificing my personal gain in order to be a ludicrously decent human being! Okie-dokie, little girl, I won’t capture Smack, even though I’m sure he’d let me, cuz I’m the ebst an’ all.
Then you hear a cute little voice saying “Dooooodily-dooooo!” in a distraught way.
Everybody: OH NO! Can anybody guess what THAT could be?
YES! It’s Team Rocket, and they’ve used some kickass weaponry to snare themselves a Doodily-Doo! Oh, but wait: here comes WunderBoy.
Ash: Give me Smacky right now!
Jessie: Hoo-doggy, that sounded wrong… HAHAHAHAHAHA! Never, you pathetic little wurm!
Before Team Rocket can even retaliate, Pikachu electrofries the crap out of them. (gee, that’s fair.)
James: Wow, I guess you showed us. We’ll just tottle off now… NO WAIT, WE STILL HAVE TO ATTEMPT TO CATCH THAT GODDAMN LITTLE RAT!
More crap is electrofried out of them.
Team Rocket: This is retarded.
ONCE AGAIN, ASH SHOWS HOW HE IS MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE, AND CANNOT FAIL AT ANYTHING! Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that he gets hit by a truck or something one of these days… it’s bound to happen, that damn kid always walking down the middle of the street like he does.

wasn’t that great? I could be famous, I just know it.

… wait, this is a disclaimer.

Anyway, like I was saying. Just like the stupid ass show, Lizzie also has absolutely nothing to do with 4Kids Entertainment, Gamefreak, Creatures, Warner Brothers, et cetera, et cetera. However, Poképersonalities in itself belongs to nobody but her, bitch, (unless noted otherwise), and if you steal the idea or the artwork or the characters of her wondrous fic without she being first contacted in the matter, she will personally hunt you down and kill you.

She gots the connections.
**Don Vito Corleone shakes his fingers and says "Basta..."**
**Leon the Professional drinks a glass of milk**

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